Nostalgic Christmas Toys

Thursday, November 4, 2010
I was thinking of Christmas as a child, remembering all the toys we had when we were little and how different things are today. Technology is the new toy today. I have such good childhood memories of how excited I was for Santa to get there and I could barely go to sleep! I decided to look up some of these old toys we used to have when we were children and I remembered one in particular that was my absolute favorite, Showboat Theatre. Love, love, loved that! My favorite Wizard of Oz characters came with it and I used to sit for hours playing with it. Well, I came across this website that has a huge list of old time toys and as I scrolled down, I found my Showboat!! Oh my gosh! I was so excited when I saw they had pictures of all  the toys! There it was! So I thought I would post some of these pictures of the ones I had or my brothers and cousins had that we all used to play with when we were kids. Here goes:

My favorite

I lost this outside playing on the porch and found it melted the next day in the middle of the road!

My cousin and  i played this all the time!

Record players were a big thing back then!

I had completely forgotten about this one until I saw the picture!

This has been around a long time!

I had one of these and today you would never see one in my house!

My girlfriends and I played jacks all the time on the porch! Such fun!

This was another favorite we all used to play with.

My youngest brother loved the train sets!

This was my cousin's game. We enjoyed racing the marbles to the finish!

These were so much fun!

Red Ryder BB Gun.

This was something my brothers liked.

This was a cool toy. I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

 Hope you enjoyed looking at the old toys from yesteryear! Do you remember any special toys from your childhood? You can find these and many more at:
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