Confession .. Fashion Week ..meeting Akshita and The Big Announcement..!!

Monday, February 27, 2012
Hello Ladies..
Hope you all have enjoyed the Giveaway.. and again Congratulations to the Winners.. and thank you Jaya Wadhva from "Goddes of Couture for Organizing this Giveaway with us and being so understanding and supportive..!! *_*

Wills India Fashion Week
I am sure last week you have read , heard enough about the "Will India Fashion Week " in the Capital.. So I am not going to do any trend alert or fashion forecast here..we all have read and seen that enough on Blogsphere and T.V . This post is all about my experience at the Fashion Week..

I am not whining here ..but when u r studying Fashion you expect your college to atleast know about Fashion Week or other Fashion Events.. n I am not going to take its name here..but yes that how it is.. So..I had to ask a friend to get Me a pass.. and fortunately I got one for the " Hi5 " on Day 2 .. its a show where 5 budding designers showcase a few outfits from their collection..

Day 2
As I sat near the Head-Ramp excited to see which one of them is the one who'll dress Lady Gaga next ..I realized .. there was only 1 designer "Shantanu Singh " out of those 5 .. whose collection I though was different and of the level of the Fashion Week and clothes did justice to the theme " Penguins ".. and the show stopper walked with a Globe in her hand.... left Me with goosebumps ..
Others were good too but their work looked inspired or similar to what I have seen already.. :/

The Desinger "Shantanu"  himself.. addressing the Press..
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After the show ..fortunately I got the chance to interact with Him.. He seemed like a really Nice Guy.. down to earth.. simple..creative.. and a Man of few words.. coz His Work speaks a lot about his Talent..and I told him.."I see a Lady Gaga wearing your clothes someday.. " (dill se..) congratulated him for the show..and left to discover and absorb the whole atmosphere full of Fashion..
Shantanu with the Show-stopper.. like I said she carried a Globe in her hands ..this is just before our little chit-chat by the way.. sad no pics of that.. :(  
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In the evening I read a Tweet of a fellow Blogger Akshita from  "Colorific"  about fashion week.. This  made me curious I thought I saw her sitting on the other side of the ramp a few Tweets and Dms later we met on Day 3

I am wearing a Zara Blouse( last worn Here)and Belt ,Jeggings,Black and white structured sling bag, and Aldo flats..

I stacked my wrist with bracelet ,bangles and watches..

Akshita Jain.. she comes across as someone very simple and down to earth ..that is just a Disguise .. She is quiet a Diva in her own ways.. we spent nice 3 hours..chatting about everything but Fashion Week and didn't even bother to attend a show together.. we were talking like long-lost friends .. and I was like " that's another one from the Species.. "
Colorific Akshita jain herself..

She told me she dreamt of getting 10 bags on her Birthday the way she actually managed to get them in real.. *-^  and how she managing a professional life.. a website , a Fashion Blog , Fashion Week  and her Best-Friends Wedding all at the same time..

like I said.."We clicked.. "

And Posed Together.. (just before the Bye-Bye )

It was Awesome meeting you too Akshita Jain.. *_*

And I did Stop by Shantanu's Stall to say Hi! and pose *-^

The Designer and Me.. and Penguins (His Muse..) 
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That's his Stall..and this  outfit is My personal favorite from his Collection.. I personally think this would have made a better show-stopper outfit.. 

And now the Big Announcement.. I am planing to start a new section here at Confessionz.. -"Confessionz of My Closet " where we are going to feature one of you ..So I want you all to send me pictures of you wearing your favorite outfit..or some experiment you did with accessories and clothes that turned out well..a special story behind the outfit you love the most ..any style-tip or experience that you wanna share with all the readers..
 Lets make this place a community where we discuss our individual take on fashion..our personal styles.. inspire each-other or get inspired.. To get featured in the section "Confessionz of My Closet"  you can send me your pictures at- 


Confession of "Rings Giveaway Winners"

Sunday, February 26, 2012
I am More that Happy to announce that the Winners of "Rings Giveaway" hosted by "Goddess Of Couture" & "Confessionz Of a Closet" ..

And the Lucky 3 Ladies who won (names are provided with the details they wrote in comment to avoid any confusion ) are -


Fb name: Koyna Tomar
GFC name: Koyna.


followed all the steps
facebook profile name: pooja kopargaonkar
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gfc name : pooja kopargaonkar

followed all the steps
facebook profile name: jyoti mehta
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gfc name : jyoti mehta

Note: pls provide us with your mailing details and contact numbers here on both the ids - &
Also , if you have any query or need any assistance feel free to contact us.. We would love that..

Again .. I want to thank all you lovely ladies for showing so much love and enthusiasm .. we are touched.. and Jaya and I want to congratulate the winners and thank you all for participation.. :)

Much Love..
                                                    xoxo-Shaily & Jaya

Confession.. For the Love of City and Silver..!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Fashion week.. Delhi Winter and self rule of dressing up on weekends were  reasons for Me to Let my hair down in the City this Saturday.. and go on a Date with Delhi.. that's almost silly to say.. But yes.. I love this city.. Only I know how I have managed to stop those tears in the movies each time I saw a Delhi location for that year and a half in Mumbai.. I would Miss C.P , G.K , even the Parliament.. There is beauty in every and every inch of this City.. and I make sure that I dedicate my Saturdays to it..
In this post I don't have much poses to offer.. just the random street photography on the Streets of C.P ..and I didn't have pictures or time to shoot new for #CFC .. as those who follow my would twitter know I have my first Semesters  and during this time I am suppose to be studying..Also I wanted to share with you ladies that.. I am  in Love with the Broach I picked up recently from BG's.. this silver and very Vintage..and the Ruby Earnings .. I bought Last year for my Cousin's Wedding..

(I am wearing--Black Blouse -Zara ; Grey Blazer/Jacket - Max ; Denims- Pepe Jeans ; Bag- Splash ; Shoes- Marie Clare ; Watch- Guess ; Jewelry - My personal Collection.. )


Confession Time..First DIY post on My Blog..

Sunday, February 19, 2012
            Its the first time I am doing a DIY post ..
                          Hope you you Ladies like it.. and also try it.. *-*

                                      Follow the following steps -->

Now that I have this BAG.. I can't wait to Flaunt It.. *-*

This Scarf I picked a year and a half ago from some store at Bandra Hill Road.. and couldn't use it much.. have tried it as a waist belt though.. and had no clue that one lazy Afternoon  and some Creative Juices could do this.. to the Scarf..  You can make a better version of it by using a Sewing Machine.. for a long lasting bag.. But this one--you can swing between a Bag and a Scarf or a Waist Belt..
And if you try it don't forget to share a picture with Me at--
I'd LOVE to Feature it HERE .. *_*

and Those of you Who don't know.. We are having a Giveaway.. pls click HERE  to participate ..

Now I am going to Sign Off with the Quote that I truly Believe in..
"I don't do Fashion, I am fashion" - Coco Chanel 




Confession..I am ME!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012
Lately I have discovered love for Brown leather.. and I just couldn't resist this Bag from "Charles and Keith " and if its a gift from someone special it becomes all the more Precious ..  ;)

Brown leather has something about it..which attracts me towards it..initially I wasn't sure.. But now I feel its totally Me.. I have this growing love towards Browns and Gold.. I have just surpassed that phase where you are trying to discover yourself.. you mess up..u dnt look yourself and feel yourself.. and then you do what you are.. I think  i have certainly found my self now.. I am what I wear.. I dnt dress up for that "Girl I wana make Jealous in College.. or that ex-Best friend.. " But now its about Me.. Its how I feel about Myself now.. I was never a girly-girl.. I always had this lady-like , Classic and Chic vibe .. But I would think its too early for me to Dress-up like a that.. But after a while you are over that phase-"What are they thinking of me? or am I fitting in? " and Today I am Confident of who I am.. and what I wear.. !! I love ME <3

These pictures are below are from one such day when I was feeling LOVE..for MYSELF..

I am wearing- Dress-Bangkok, Jacket- Atmosphere; Bag- Charles and Keith ; Shoes- Catwalk ; Watch-Aldo ; Shades- Forever New 

What I read sometime defines who I am today.. something that Coco Chanel said once-"I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion"


Contest Confession.. GlossyBox is the Deal..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
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So.. Keep posting your answers 

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p.s.- Winner will receive Glossy Box in the Month of March , that's when they officially launch in India.. and will also have to provide me with their mailing and contact details.. Thanks..

May the Best Answer Win..!!

                       xoxo- Shaily