My Christmas Tree

Monday, November 22, 2010
Well, I've finally finished all of my decorating. I did the tree last night and thought I would post some pictures. The first decoration of the spider web has a story behind it that goes like this:

                       The Ukrainian Christmas Spiderweb Legend

One family in the village was too poor to have a decorated Christmas tree in their house. The mother had hung a few meager nuts and fruits on a small tree outside their door in hopes of bringing a little more cheer to her children's Christmas Day.

On Christmas Eve the spiders heard her prayers and hung their webs over the tree. As the sun came up, it's rays glittered and sparkled on the dew on the webs and turned them to silver and gold.

Angel was hand made by my mother.

Hand made by my mother.

Another angel made by my mother.

Mr. & Mrs. Claus in far right dated back to 1986 from my mom & dad.

I just love Rudolph! His nose glows with batteries!

My mother also made this heart.

This was my precious Scamp who is no longer with us.

My grandaughter made this one!

Mittens made by mom.

My sister-in-law painted this one. So cute!

My Santa cookie jar.

My card basket.

Thomas Kinkade clock. It plays a Christmas song on the hour.

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