Inside the Cab

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
I love trains.  What kid doesn't?  Guess I'll never grow up.  I remember the train around the tree at Christmas time.  Well, I'm a big kid now and still love the sound of the whistle and the clickity clack of the wheels on the rails.  This summer I took a ride on the Cumbres - Toltec Railroad.  It's the highest, longest narrow gauge steam railroad in the U.S.   It runs from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado.  Beautiful unspoiled country.  Before leaving several of us passengers were talking with the engineer and he invited us into the cab.  Oh boy!!!  What a treat.  I have never been close to seeing what it looks like inside the cab.  All those dials and gauges and the hot fire box loaded with coal to keep this big baby moving.  What a thrill.

"Inside the Cab"     © Kathy Dunham 2010