Vicious Door Knocker

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Having this character as a door knocker would be enough to scare away most peddlers and solicitors.  He looks pretty mean.  I wonder if it really works?

"Vicious Door Knocker"      © Kathy Dunham 2011

Where's the Pollen?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
This bee is busy collecting pollen from a Desert Bluebell or Phacelia campanularia.  They're blooming here in the desert along with many other members of the Phacelia family. 

"Where's the Pollen?"      © Kathy Dunham 2011

Jumping Cholla

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
See those sharp spines?  They're on the cholla plant and don't really jump at you but it doesn't take much to disturb them and the next thing you know you're covered with the sharp prickly things.  Just be careful.  They come unattached from the cactus awfully easy.

"Jumping Cholla"     © Kathy Dunham 2011

Paper-Doily Wreath & More From Martha Stewart

A delicate-looking wreath that creates the magical effect of candles flickering in the snow is easy to make and surprisingly sturdy. Wreath frames are strung with twinkling lights that are nestled in frothy, doilylike paper bouquet holders known as "Biedermeiermanschetten."

Read more at Paper-Doily Wreath - Martha Stewart Crafts

With their motion frozen in clear glass glitter, coniferous trees and reindeer encircle hurricane lamps lighted from within by tall, rose-hued candles. Here, the candleholders are elevated on glass cake stands, then faux snow is dusted around them.

Read more at Glittered Candleholders - Martha Stewart Crafts

Transform old magazines into glittered tabletop trees with this easy -- as well as kid-friendly -- step-by-step process.

Read more at Easy Christmas Crafts, Homemade Gifts, Gift-Wrapping Ideas - Martha Stewart

Magazine Christmas Trees

Create cute snowman greeting cards or gift tags with extra buttons and a bit of thread.

Read more at Easy Christmas Crafts, Homemade Gifts, Gift-Wrapping Ideas - Martha Stewart

Button Snowman Cards

Rickrack -- wavy cotton trim -- is easily manipulated into seasonal symbols. Glue rickrack designs to blank cards, and use them as holiday greetings.

Easy Christmas Crafts, Homemade Gifts, Gift-Wrapping Ideas - Martha Stewart

Rickrack Cards

Enjoy being creative!


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Pueblo Home

Monday, March 28, 2011
Taos Pueblo is similar to a large apartment house.  Or should I say two apartment houses.  There is a north and a south Pueblo separated by a small stream.  This particular house/apartment is located in the south pueblo.  Aesthetically, I like the north one but if you poke around there are lots of good nooks and crannies in the south pueblo.

"Pueblo Home"       © Kathy Dunham 2011

Abstract in Stone

Sunday, March 27, 2011
The weather worn slots in the Antelope Canyon area outside of Page, Arizona are spectacular.  As the light changes so does the effect and colors of the various layers of sandstone that formed these narrow slot canyons. 

"Abstract in Stone"     © Kathy Dunham 2011

The World's Largest Christmas Store

In my search for all things Christmas, I found out that Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is the world's largest Christmas store. It's located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was started by Wallace Bronner in 1945.
Wally Bronner & Santa
All images are from Google Images

You can read more on the history of how he started his business Here.

 They also have an online website you can order anything imaginable for Christmas! OH MY, I would love to visit there for a whole day, but since it's to far away, the next best thing is to order from their website! I love to exchange ornaments for Christmas gifts and they have a big selection of those...woohoo! Here is the link to their online store, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.

There's also a 68 page E-Catalog to browse through which you can find HERE.

They have quite a selection of Christmas goodies from personalized ornaments and gifts, to collectibles, trees & accessories, garlands & wreaths, Nativity Scenes, lights, advent calendars, Santa suits & hats, and much more.

You can view an Interactive Virtual Tour of Bronner's Christmas Wonderland HERE.

Penguins...I love penguins...:)

Half-mile long Christmas Lane lined with
 lights attracting millions each year.

 Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is visited annually by over two million people, with the weekend after Thanksgiving being the busiest of the year with over 50,000 visitors. Its inventory exceeds 50,000 trims and gifts, including Christmas ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Nativity scenes, Christmas decorations, collectibles, and similar goods. Each year, approximately 600,000 glass ornaments, 530,000 feet (161,000 m) of garland, 150,000 postcards and 86,000 light sets (nearly 530 miles (850 km) of light cords) are sold. Bronner's has the exclusive right to sell Precious Moments Christmas-themed figurines. With the government of Austria's permission and in keeping with the German theme of Frankenmuth itself, Bronner's built a replica of the Oberndorf, Austria, Silent Night Memorial Chapel in 1992 as a tribute to the Christmas hymn "Silent Night"
Read about Bronner's Silent Night Memorial Chapel Here.

Wallace "Wally" Bronner died April 1, 2008 at age 81.

Image from:

Wow! My inner child would definitely come out visiting this store! LOL! Hope you enjoy visiting all of the links above.

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Easter Tree

Saturday, March 26, 2011
I've decided to post pic's of my Easter tree even though it's on my Christmas blog. I don't do very much in the way of Easter decorations, but I'm going to try and add a few things each year. I do have an Easter wreath on my front and back doors. Christmas is always my big decorating event.

I left out my Jim Shore seasonal cat collection.

Easter Bunny $3.50 from The Dollar General Store

More from The Dollar General Store

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Poppies & Cream Cups

Thursday, March 24, 2011
I'm hoping that the Poppy Preserve near Lancaster, California will get another show as good as the one I saw several years ago.  There are acres and acres of California Poppies on the hillsides and when they bloom, they turn to gold. 

"Poppies & Cream Cups"     © Kathy Dunham 2011

Inspiring Ideas from Houzz

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Traditional dining room design

I love the gift centerpiece and the beautiful traditional Christmas colors.

Traditional dining room design by kansas city media and blogs Michelle Edwards

Beautiful centerpiece! Loving the candy canes around the candles and the ribbon! Great idea!
Eclectic family room design

Here's a nice way to display any kind of Christmas blocks you may have by putting them on candlesticks surrounded by garland. Looks very nice instead of just sitting them across the top of the mantel. Adding height makes a big difference!

Contemporary living room design by other metros media and blogs Restyled Home

Very simple and very charming. Love the wintry colors.

Traditional entry design by new york showroom Hydrangea Home

Just plain gorgeous!

Traditional kitchen design by other metros interior designer Tobi Fairley

I'm loving the slipcovers on the chairs! So cozy!

You can see more decorating ideas at

Desert Poppy

The wildflowers are starting to bloom, albeit slowly, but you can find both these Desert Poppies, Eschscholizia parishii, and the Arroyo lupines, Lupinus sparisflorus, in the Box Canyon area just outside the small town of Mecca, California.  They make a beautiful and dramatic combination with the yellows against the blues.  Time to dust off those cameras and take a road trip.

"Desert Poppies"     © Kathy Dunham 2011

Orchids on a Tree?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
No, they're not really orchids but they do call the Bauhinia variegata an Orchid Tree as the flowers do have a resemblance to orchids.  A native of India, when this tree blooms it's covered from top to bottom with these large, fragrant flowers.

"Orchids in a Tree?"     © Kathy Dunham 2011

The Largest Santa

Monday, March 21, 2011
This Santa stands at 51 ft. tall and weighs 2 1/2 tons.  You can read about him and ten other Christmas  Guinness World Records Here.  Image from Google.
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World's Largest Santa Claus Collection

Jean-Guy Laquerre from Canada is 74 yrs. old and holds the world's largest Santa Claus Collection title given by the Guinness World Record. He started his Santa collection in 1988 and has collected everything from Santa books, napkins, dolls, record albums, cards, candy, a miniature workshop and Santa ads. You can see his collection here on You Tube. Embedding was disabled, so I was unable to put it on my blog. Unbelievable what he has collected through the years!

Images from Google

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Giant Chocolate Christmas Tree

This is amazing!  From Nov. 27,  2010,  found on The Telegraph, you can view the video here and see the giant chocolate tree.

Patrick Roger's creation will be used to raise funds for a television charity event to support research into neuromuscular diseases.
The tree, which is currently towering inside the chocolatier's factory in Sceaux, weighs four tons and according to Mr Roger's is a piece of "architecture".
He said: "To achieve this kind of architecture – because this really is a piece of architecture – we used a sort of cavity inside to make the chocolate solid enough, because there is very strong vertical pressure."
The chocolate Christmas tree will be shown on France's Telethon, a nationwide charity appeal show, and viewers will receive part of the sugary sculpture in exchange for a donation.
Mr Roger's laboratory also features a wide range of other chocolate sculptures, including small Santas, reindeers and other figurines.
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