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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I decided to check out more antique christmas tree stands and found a few Google Images. I love to look at the old tree stands. It's just nostalgic! If you missed my very first post on Christmas tree stands you can read about it Here.

This is a vintage 1950's Coloramic Christmas tree stand Snowman lithography, boxed, that sold for $99.00 at Vintage Toys.  It's beautiful!

This beauty was found at Khlmolds. There are several other beautiful cast iron or poured metal tree stands here and ways to use them.

Now I really don't know that this one is an antique, but I just thought it was beautiful! It too is made of cast iron and I found it at  The Christmas Cabin LTD.

Another cast iron tree stand found at Christmas in the Country. There are four pages of vintage Christmas items for sale at this website.

This is an antique one being sold on Ebay for $50.00. Found it Here. Love the poinsettia design.

I think someone brought this one to my attention in my other post on antique Christmas tree stands. I can't say that I like it, but it is rare. The hole for a tree trunk doesn't look very big, so maybe it could have been used for of those aluminum foil Christmas trees to light them up and make them shiny and reflective...  It sold for $20.49 on Ebay.  I looked up the comment on my other post on tree stands and the person who commented and his tree stand that is just like this one...only his looks like it's in much better shape...can be found on Blog Utopia. His was found on Craigslist.

I really love this one!! Vintage 1950's. Found at Flickr. and Google Images.

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