Getting things done!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
GreetingSpring.comWell, in the last few days, I scrubbed my carpets, downstairs, steps, and hallway only, cleaned the furniture in the living room with my new Bissell, and steam cleaned my dining room and kitchen floors. I was truly amazed at how dirty the water was when emptying the bucket in the scrubber! Disgusting! I feel better now knowing they are clean. Now I'm just waiting for the next time my cat decides to vomit on my clean carpet!!
I know it will happen sooner or later, but I have my little Bissell machine for small cleanups. All this cleaning drives me crazy! So much work to be done for the holidays! When I start with the decorating I just clean as I go. I could dust and two days later, the dust is back! It takes me almost two weeks to decorate. This is why I'll be starting soon. I can only do a little every day since I work's office's!! But it always gets done! I'm like the energizer bunny. I just keep on going!!
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