Long Ride Home

Sunday, July 27, 2008
I said my farewells and boarded the train for the trip back to the California desert I call home. The last time I took a long distance train trip was as a child when I visited my grandmother in San Francisco. My best friend would join me on the trip and visit her aunt. It was quite an adventure being allowed to take the 180 mile train trip by ourselves. This was a time when it was safe to let young adults travel alone. The conductor secretly kept an eye on us and we felt like we were adults making a journey to a far away land. Oh what memories!

Train travel is making a comeback since the price of gas has soared. It's a wonderful way to see America. You can get up and walk around, eat in the dining car, enjoy the views from the observation car, relish all the leg room and wide seats. It sure beats fighting traffic and driving fatigue.