A Thomas Kinkade Christmas

Friday, September 30, 2011
I recently visited Lily at  http://christmas-believe.blogspot.com/, and her post about her favorite Christmas Mugs, I noticed a jigsaw puzzle in the background that looked like a Thomas Kinkade puzzle.

My Thomas Kinkade book.

 I asked her if indeed it was a Kinkade puzzle, I love his artwork, and she got back to me and said that it was and that she too loves his work.

Christmas at Graceland

I won't tell you the rest of what she said, because she may post about it herself, but we both share a love for his artwork.

Christmas Memories, 1994

 I first heard of him at my friend Ginnie's house. She too is a big fan of his work.

Village Christmas, 1997

 She has a couple of his smaller framed pictures, books, and some other things that friends bought for her.

Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride, 1996

I was fascinated at how he is able to capture the warm glow of light in his artwork.

St. Nicholas Circle, 1993

 His paintings are beautiful and always takes me back to another time when life was more simpler.

Christmas at the Courthouse, 1990

 It's like I could just stare into the picture and want to be there.

Victorian Christmas, 1993

 Couldn't you imagine yourself there?

Victorian Christmas, 1992

 I chose to share his Christmas artwork since my blog is of a Christmas nature, but he has many, many other beautiful paintings of spring, summer, fall, and the lovely English/Irish countryside, etc.

Hometown Christmas Memories

You can visit his online gallery of all his artworks Here.

Christmas Eve, 1991

 I googled all of these images, but they are all in my book at the top of this post,

Christmas Cottage

Blessings Christmas

except for this one above. I love this picture!!

Home for the Holidays, 1991

I hope you enjoyed his artwork as much as I do. He really has quite a gift to be able to draw his viewers into another place in time!I am linking this post to Natasha's Pinning and Singing on the Weekend Party.