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Saturday, September 17, 2011
                                         Picture Diary
        Saturday,September 17

Today I am Wearing..

A boring day at College.. Later missed the afternoon movie ..Traffic..arghhh !!and I was sure all I need is.. the "Retail Therapy"..

Jewelery 21
I picked Two Rings..One Owl pendent and a Black Bracelet..
Didn't like the collection much this time.. Hoping to see better stuff when I visit next.. 
Love the rings.. and the Owl pendant for obvious reasons..
and have been eying the bracelet from quite a long time.. so couldn't resist buying ....

Clothes 21..
There were stripes and more stripes this time.. and saw some amazing Boot-cut pants and denims..(they are back with a Bang) ,Need one for my Closet too.. (1 in a basic color is a must have, go for a dark blue shade of denim if u have bigger thighs ..other wise a basic washed one..or torn for the cow boy feel.. )..

Thats it Fashionistas..this was My Confession of the Day.. straight from My Closet..
Stay tuned for My next post on how to recycle ill-fitted denims....
        Till then do it as Coco Chanel.."I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."
                                                      XOXO- Shaily