Officially 1 : Time to Thank..

Sunday, August 26, 2012
(P.S.- This Post was written on 25th August .. but I am posting it now.. :p )

I don't know how to put so many emotions into one Blog Post.. But I am going to try my best..
The whole day passed like yet another Saturday of the week until now.. When I had to pen down this Post..

I still remember, Last year around the same time.. I was busy talking to my friend Parul Parmar telling her the name I decided for My Style Blog.. "Confessionz Of a Closet" and later sharing all the excitement with Nitika Mahajan and Aditie ..!! It was a BIG DEAL back then for me to make an account on Blogger and remember a Password.. Later clicking pictures then banner to editing.. From Clicking pictures from my Blackberry to now with a DSLR .. I have come a long way..

The Journey has been Exciting , Tough , Emotional , Enriching at the same time.. I am a "Tech Handicap" and Now I have, I don't know how many  accounts and each password is on my tips..
Downloading and Editing were Alien Concepts for Me.. Making a Banner was like another such Task.. And Today I got a Blog Banner as Blog's 1st Anniversary Gift from a very Sweet and Talented Girl Jas Sahota .. Look at the detailing she has put in.. from My statement Necklace to the watch I wear..This Banner has it All..

Talking of All.. All this while I have been waiting for my Blog to turn 1 and there is a reason for that.. I am an Air for Me , to continue something for a period of time is Impossible.. This Blog has been a Self Test And I am Surprised to see Myself COMMITTED to this BLOG..
That's why I call it my Baby.. Like a Baby Gives Mother a New Life ,Teaches her all new about her own self.. Likewise this Blog has been that New Baby for Me.. I know a Lot Today,that I didn't know till Last Year , Not just about Myself .But Life aswell....

Past 1 year  was like a Roller coaster Ride.. I can't believe I am talking "Past 1 year'' right now :p
I met a lot of New People.. Bloggers, PRs , Readers.. And I am Fortunate enough to have few Good Relations that I am sure are for LIFE..

Few really Important People and Some Unforgettable Moments..From My One yr Journey as a Blogger..

JAFRA Pamper Party  (via. Style Fashion Etc. )
Unforgettable Jafra Meet : (L to R) Megha Jain , Akshita Jain , Me and Komal K

DIVO and HealthKart Event..'s Event.. with Mahek
W for Woman Styling Event..
W fr Woman Event ( L to R )  Model , Komal , Japna Sodhi, Me and Malvika 

JAFRA Event : Me and Srish

First Ever Pic in the Paper..

First Ever Quote In the Paper..

who doesn't LOVE That..  *__*

And Being Recognized By India's Leading PR Agency is an Honour .. This Made the Day even more Special ..

I am sure, I have missed a few people and memories.. But I want to thank all You guys , who made this day..and this journey so Enriching and Special ..

I'll be Back with another Outfit Post and BlogShop soon.. Till then Participate in the Avon Giveaway Here..