DIY: Ballerinas+ OOTD

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Few Nights back.. my Creative Juices were over flowing.. :p So ..I DIYed my favorite old pair of Ballerinas..
I didn't do much.. Just played with fabric colors on the Ballerinas like a kid.. and it turned out GREAT and COLORFUL..I was looking for a colorful pair of flats.. as I think they go well with everything.. and I don't like Neons or Lot of colors in my Clothes.. accessories are a great way to incorporate trends like Neons and Pastels.. so I thought why not Re-New my old pair of Ballerinas.. 

Take a Look ..



I am not a "Morning Person", I am an "Insomniac" and I am most active during the Late hours right now..its almost 3am and I am writing this post.. that's why I avoid clicking pictures in the morning.. because I get dark circles and also that My face bloats a bit.. which eventually settles by afternoon.. 
Also.. I was always..Skeptical about wearing colored pants.. specially Pastels.. because I think I have heavy thighs.. but when I finally wore these Lavender Pants to college the other day.. They really complimented my legs.. Infact.. my legs looked leaner and long.. 

Here are some early morning shots..taken by a friend ..right outside my college.. I clubbed Lavender pants with an Off-White Cotton Top , Pink Laptop Bag and DIYed flats.. with no accessories, to Keep its Simple.. that's How I Like It.. <3