Another DIY Project : Blue Ballerinas

Friday, May 18, 2012
Do you remember this pair of Ballerinas.. for those of you wondering ??.. Take a Look.. "Girl in the Blue Shoes..afternoon in my Backyard" its was  my  first official Blog Post ..

These have been resting in my Shoe-Closet for a while now.. so I thought of another DIY Re-New these Babies..

I Used--

1. Glue Gun
2. Old pair of Flats
3. Statement Chain


Like I used a statement Chain here, you can try this out using a flower.. or piece of an old statement necklace ..

Lately.. I have become a major  DIY Addict.. : D  I was so attached to these flats..that I didn't feel like giving them away.. instead I Renewed  them..I guess it made them more Gorgeous.. rite??

Let me know if you like this DIY post.. by dropping a comment.. also if you people want me to do more of these.. I'd LOVE that.. *__*