Confession of the Day..Graphic Tartan

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
                             Graphic Tartan
Dress it up..  Pant it down.. or just The Chic Poncho ..!! 

Plaids and tartans went big and bold this fall, with designers finding more inspiration from in-your-face rustic weaves than the understated checks of seasons past.. 

 I absolutely love how Kim K has used the same digital print in the dress n the Poncho..( perfect  the escape the chill.. )
The print being different does not make tartans obvious.. but quite Chic  and classy in d dress..which is so Kim.. & the Poncho is my personal favorite ..already looking so warm n chic at the same time..

If opting for Plaids n tartans make sure you sport it a lilall different than usual this it in a different print ..of skirt..dress..pant or Poncho..

So.. this was a quick fashion update.. made real quick.. as m short of time..  submissions n assignments..keeping me busy ....
Thats it for the day Fshionistas..
till my next post.. like I always say..Do it as..
Coco Chanel..-" I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion.."
                       xoxo- Shaily