Ceramic Santa Claus

Sunday, October 16, 2011
This post is for Sundays with Santa at http://yuletideseasonings.blogspot.com/. This is a ceramic Santa that my mother made way back in the 70's! She was in to making ceramics at the time and even had a kiln  in the basement to cure the ceramics. She knew how much I loved this Santa and eventually gave it to me to proudly display in my own home. I make sure he is dust free and cover him in plastic and put in a box when putting him away until next Christmas. I don't know where he'll go when I'm no longer here, but hopefully, he'll have a place in one of my children's home!

 I took Mr. Claus out this morning to photograph and just thought that I would leave him out....in two weeks I'll start my decorating. I always start to get things out right after Halloween since it takes me two weeks or so to decorate. I only do a little each day and it's so much work bringing all of it up from the basement, the cleaning, etc., and I'm sure you all know what I mean!

 So I hope all of you have a great Sunday and join in celebrating Sundays with Santa with your favorite Santa images or collections, or anything Santa related!