4' Ltd. Edition Santa by Jim Shore

Sunday, October 9, 2011
I mentioned in an earlier post which you can find here, how much I love Jim Shore's hand painted pieces. His work is beautiful. I have several and try to get a new piece each year. I'm linking to http://yuletideseasonings.blogspot.com/ for her Sundays with Santa, and this is what I have chosen to share. Now I do not or never will own this piece as it is way out of my price factor, $1,999.00, but it's made of stone resin to resemble hand carved wood and only 75 were made. He stands at 4ft. tall.  I hear that a prince bought one and being a prince he must be rich! This would look so nice in an entryway! I love the little lantern he's holding and the artwork is beautiful! Happy Sundays with Santa.
Source: qvc.com via Dorothy on Pinterest