TAG: DIY Jewellery Part 1 and Sale Alert..!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012
I did a DIY almost a year ago when I got a Silver Chain from Forever21 that says.."PEACE". I painted the "PEACE" part of the Chain with a #Coral Nail color.. ( YES..You all know how big this color was last Season *__*)
When recently I realised My most favourite #Forever21 Chain that says,"ELECTRIC" ..is turning dark..(From Golden to Bronze..) I realised I need to fix it.. So I just sat down for another #DIY .. I painted the "ELECTRIC" part of the chain with #NEON-PINK Nail color..   LIKE THIS..

You'll need 1.) A Nail Paint 2.) A Chain / Necklace that needs a makeover..

Paint the portion carefully with the Nail Paint Brush..
(L)"HOPE Chain was done last year..so its kinda dull now.. I might redo it now..with another color..(R) "ELECTRIC" Chain is freshly done..and has a golden chain.. 

Currently wearing..!! My "ELECTRIC" Chain..
Hope you Ladies Liked the post.. Its just an effort to be regular.. So a Quickie Post..!! do drop your suggestions and comments in the comment box below.. It means a lot to ME *__*

By the way!! Have you Girls checked the Sale YET?? If not.. I say..Sunday(tomorrow) is the Perfect Day to do that..
P.S.- I have already picked up a lot already.. Infact I came back Bag full today from 'Zara' and 'Vero Mod'a.. :p