Confession..I am ME!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012
Lately I have discovered love for Brown leather.. and I just couldn't resist this Bag from "Charles and Keith " and if its a gift from someone special it becomes all the more Precious ..  ;)

Brown leather has something about it..which attracts me towards it..initially I wasn't sure.. But now I feel its totally Me.. I have this growing love towards Browns and Gold.. I have just surpassed that phase where you are trying to discover yourself.. you mess up..u dnt look yourself and feel yourself.. and then you do what you are.. I think  i have certainly found my self now.. I am what I wear.. I dnt dress up for that "Girl I wana make Jealous in College.. or that ex-Best friend.. " But now its about Me.. Its how I feel about Myself now.. I was never a girly-girl.. I always had this lady-like , Classic and Chic vibe .. But I would think its too early for me to Dress-up like a that.. But after a while you are over that phase-"What are they thinking of me? or am I fitting in? " and Today I am Confident of who I am.. and what I wear.. !! I love ME <3

These pictures are below are from one such day when I was feeling LOVE..for MYSELF..

I am wearing- Dress-Bangkok, Jacket- Atmosphere; Bag- Charles and Keith ; Shoes- Catwalk ; Watch-Aldo ; Shades- Forever New 

What I read sometime defines who I am today.. something that Coco Chanel said once-"I don't do Fashion.. I am Fashion"