Barbie Christmas Ornaments

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Wow, this Barbie sure brings back memories! She was the ponytail barbie that I had as a child. She came out in 1963. I so wish I still had her. I had other barbie dolls and Ken too. Loved them all. Did any of you collect Barbie dolls?

My niece collects the Christmas Barbie ornaments.

She's been collecting them since she was 2 yrs. old.

  2008 Celebration Series

Her grandmother, my mother, bought her first Barbie ornament for her when she was just 2 yrs. old.

  2005 Celebration

 2006 Celebration

  2000, 1st in the Celebration Series

She is 20 yrs. old now and has 18 Barbie ornaments. Before the Celebration Series, was the Holiday Collection. This is what she started with.

1993 Barbie Holiday. Isn't she beautiful!
  2001 Special Edition
  2009 Celebration
  2010 Celebration

Mom bought her one ornament each year for Christmas for many years and now she buys her own and continues to collect them.

  20011 Celebration

Do any of you collect Barbie ornaments or have a collection of Barbie dolls? I've been looking around on the internet, and you wouldn't believe the prices of some of the vintage ornaments...$150.00 was one eye opener for the 1993 Holiday, the first one....yikes! She's the one in the beautiful red dress above.

Have a wonderful week!