My Obession for shapes in my bags..Structured purse -a must have for every Closet

Saturday, August 27, 2011
                                               My current Obsession.. Structured Purse 

 These are not just bags..but for me this a true piece of art..n to create a bag with an element of geometry n still making it look so chic.. is work of an Artist .

 The Structured Purse—is about to kick hobos and buckets off the handbag radar. This ladylike alternative to super-sized, slouchy bags has been spotted in the clutches of Chloe Sevigny, Christina Aguilera, and Natalia Vodianova (an office favorite). As seen here, structured purses add a certain sophistication to even a casual outfit. The structured purse is also practical. The medium dimensions are sizable enough to fit all your necessities, but the bag’s bones keep you from loading it up with pointless junk.

The above leather structured bags with scarfs add that flirt and edge to a casual outfit still making u look prepared and dressed for any occasion.. ( i wud personally add my own floral scarf with a basic bag to add this effect, as buying a new bag wud be expensive .. plus it becomes very particular if u buy it.. Tip: go fr a very basic color like a white or a brown / beige/ baby pink/black/light Grey ..and add up a scarf to it.. to rock  it.. ;) apt for girls day out..or any formal affair or can also play with your add bling to these bags..

 Now that the Vintage is of these is a must in every closet..the add a dash of that era gone by.. A classic.. and a must for very wardrobe..( i personally have sum 5 of these..)

sum structured Vintage nags from Chanel

Hermes Birkin ( i personally own a similar bag in black inspired from Birkin's design)

Guess too has some amazing structured pieces..

Lady Dior a classic bag..(or favorite Fashionista Sonam Kapoor was also seen flaunting this bag in movie Aiesha..)

    I personally love them.. n wud share sum pics soon.. till then  bye fashionistas..!!
    And don't forget to do it as..- Coco Chanel, I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
                                                               XOXO -Shaily