Macy's Christmas Window Displays

Friday, July 15, 2011
These are  Macy's window displays from Christmases past. I was going to put them in my last post about Macy's at Christmas, but it would have been a really long post. I would love going to the big city to see these beautiful window displays at Christmas, and it would be perfect if it was snowing! What a dreamer!

This would be a favorite of mine! Some people hate this movie, but I love it and will never tire of it! I think if they didn't show it continually on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, maybe people wouldn't hate it so much. You could appreciate seeing it more when it would only be televised Christmas time.

The famous major award! The leg lamp! Personally...that would never be in my front window!!

Flick gets his tongue stuck to the cold flag pole!

Ralphie asking for his Red Ryder BB Gun as he's being pushed down the slide.

Oh no! The next door neighbor's smelly horde of dogs eating up the Christmas turkey! Oh those Bumpuses!

The Polar Express.

Miracle on 34th St.  "2003"





Organ Player in Tree of Harmony window, "2006."

And finally...

Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus, a computer generated animated movie Macy's produced.

The video below is from You Tube. It's Macy's Christmas Window, 2010. You will need to pause the music player.  Enjoy!!

Happy Christmas in July!

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