Ane Ane Took.....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Gee....I just found at least half or 3/4's of my blog entries on someone else's blog site!! With thumbnails of  trashy pictures at the top of the website to boot!!  Word for word, same exact date that I posted, pictures of my tree in my house, my blog! Copy and pasted exactly as I posted them. Here's the link to this person's blog in case any of you might wonder if your blog entries are being stolen and used as someone else's. Whatever date and month & year you made your post, that's where you'll find it...if they have used yours. I've already went to some of the other blogs that the posts were from...the ones that gave me a clue as to the name of their blog...and left comments for them just so that they are aware this is happening.   should be Ane Ane Took.....
If you check it out for your posts, when you click the link, sometimes it goes over to advertising and you need to just click the back button until you're there. Remember, there are trashy pictures at the top of the page, but this person is a thief of blog posts!! I reported it to blogger just for the trashy pictures, but that's all I can do.

I was going to leave a comment, but of course comments are disabled! I couldn't believe how many of my posts are there. I've been checking all morning and I'm not even finished yet. Time to quit for now. The list of posts are on the right side. They go back to 2010 and some older than that. I'm sure he/she has stolen all of the other posts that are on their site.  I do have my favorite blogs listed, so they may be visiting you and copying your posts too!  It's not just Christmas posts, it's a variety of everything!

Here's their blog archive:
2011, 1,899 posts...busy, busy, busy....
2010, 2,000 posts
2009, 1,044 posts
2008, 356 posts...slacking there a little bit...
2007, 229 posts
2006, 218 posts
2005, 131 posts  AND


I realize there isn't anything that can be done. This person clearly has no morals!  Everyone does all the hard work and research and this person just comes along and copies and pastes entire posts into their blog! I bet this post won't be copied to their blog!!!

Thought you might be interested in learning this.