Monday, May 30, 2011
European Art glass balls for holiday decoration are still commonly referred to in Austria and Germany as Kugels. Kugels range in shape and styles, according to the artist that made them and the season they are displayed. It is quite common to display egg shaped kugels at Easter and Heart shapes at Valentines day. Quality kugels are hand blown or mouth blown art glass. Most are blown into an apple wood mold to retain shape and consistency. Some artists free blow their kugel designs, thus ending up in an irregular shape. Air bubbles are common, and expected by the collector.

You can read more about antique kugels at http://www.goldenglow.org/kugels.htm.

More info and 40 items which are very pricey-http://www.ornament.ch/rubrik.php?rubnum=BK

The two images below are from my favorite...Martha Stewart Holidays.
Timeless Ornaments:Antique Kugels.  More info on kugels also.


These antique ornaments range in price anywhere from $40 to $1,000 depending on their size and shape. Lovely ornaments from Christmas past.