Weekend Shopping

Monday, October 4, 2010
 3D SantaWell, yesterday I went to the Craft 2000 store with my husband and my sister-in-law. What a nice store! It was my first visit there.  Even though it's October, they still had some Christmas things in the store! How I love Christmas. I always try to refrain from buying to much at these kinds of stores because I really do have plenty of Christmas decorations. But when you see all the cute things that are out there....it's very hard to do. I bought some candles and things for fall, and then when I came home, I ordered snowflake garland for my 5ft. Alpine tree! I must have been in the spirit. About that Alpine tree...it's a prelit tree that I use all year long and decorate it according to the seasons. I had to take off all 200 lights on the tree because they kept burning out on me. What a job that turned into! They really do a good job concealing the lights on prelit trees. The wires were twisted around each branch...ugh...I had to cut out all the wires from 200 lights or I would have been there much longer than I already was! Very time consuming! I replaced them with 150 lights and it doesn't look to bad after I put all the fall decorations back on it. I just ran the strings of lights from top to bottom back up to the top, pushed them in among the branches, and it's not to shabby. I would never be able to wrap strings of lights around each branch to conceal    Tangled Lights the wires like the prelits. What a job that would be. I think there must have been a short in the wires somewhere. On the bottom half of the tree, the insides of the bulbs were black. I'm wondering if all that twisting of the wires and wrapping them so tight onto the branches could have caused it to short out. So, now it's done and for the winter season, I decorate it with snowflakes and I thought snowflake garland would look nice. We will definitely be going back to visit the Craft 2000 store next month. I'm sure they'll have a lot more Christmas things by then. I'll just need a bigger house to put out all of my decorations..just kidding..!  

My woodland tree for fall.

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