Themed Christmas Trees

Monday, October 18, 2010
My Christmas tree is very traditional. I will post some pictures of it and all of my other decorations when the time comes. Though mine is traditional, I do love all the different themed Christmas trees. They are very beautiful. I came across these pictures and thought I would post them.  I found them at 

Update: You can find my second post on themed Christmas trees Here

Vintage green, gold & silver.
 Vintage red and gold with carolers.

Gold & white with white flowers, santa's, golden butterflies & glittering gold ornaments.

Glittering tree ornaments with little elves & angels.

 silvery mauve, sage-green & silver, gold mesh ribbon & sprays of dried flowers painted silver.

Purple peacock feathers and blue butterflies. Now this is quite different!

Rustic autumn with copper & gold and splashes of pink and turquoise.

Icicles, white angels, white roses and pine cones.

 Silver & white icicles, silver ribbons & icy ornaments to compliment the blue.

Country Cabin tree with birch bark, mini knitted sweaters, plaid bows, hearts.

Baby's first Christmas, with baby snowmen, baby slippers, stuffed rabbits etc.

Here's your traditional red and green with snowmen, elves, & candycanes. So cute!

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