Christmas Facts

Monday, November 2, 2009
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     Did you know that:

1. In Denmark, they leave a bowl of rice pudding for Santa Claus.

2. Norway sends a large tree to England on an annual basis.

3. A festive "Great Bullfight" is held every Christmas in Peru.

4. The evergreen tree is a symbol of eternal life offered to Christians through faith in Christ.

5. In Holland, the gift bringer is Sinter Klaas.

6. Charlie Brown-1965-Lucy says the best snowflakes are January snowflakes.

7. In Germany, Bavarians go into the mountains and fire pistols in honor of Christmas.

8. A stoneman, Charles Pajeau, invented Tinker Toys in 1913.

9. In 1997, 96% of children between the ages of 8-12 included a big screen TV on their holiday wish list.....WOW!

10. 1.76 billion candy canes were made during the holiday season.

11. The largest yo-yo weighs 896 pounds.

12. Santa Claus is Coming To Town was written in 1934.

13. The most complete "Christmas Story" was told in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

14. Dutch children receive wooden shoes filled with candy and toys at Christmas.

15. Christmas Cards originated in England and were first sent during the 1840's.

16. Americans spent 13.8 billion during the "2001" holiday shopping season.

17. The first Christmas Trees were suspended from the ceiling.

18. On Christmas Eve in Spain, children fill their shoes with straw.

19. In Norway, the last Sunday before Christmas is called Dirty Sunday.

20. In Austria, gluhwein, or mulled wine is enjoyed at Christmas.

21. Erector sets were the most popular Christmas gift in 1913.

22. In Finland, Santa is called Joulupukki.

23. Holly is a symbol of rebirth and has come to stand for peace and joy.

24. The german word Christkindl, means Christ child who was the gift giver.