Shoe Tree

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's the holiday weekend and I decided to do a little driving to check out the landscape in this part of California. I've seen a lot of the state but there are parts of the desert I still haven't been to. I know, gas prices are high but this is business for me. An artist needs to search out new subject matter and get inspired. In a wide spot of the road called Amboy, 48 miles north of Twentynine Palms, is a gas station, and what used to be a motel. But a humorous spot is the "Shoe Tree". I don't know how it got started or why people keep throwing shoes up in the tree tops but they do. And most of them look new. There were even slippers in the tree. Further down the road was the "Jockey Short Tree" but I couldn't find a safe place to pull over to take a picture. Maybe next time.

"Shoe Tree" © Kathy Dunham 2008