Confession..Holi , Hair and More..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I have curly hair.. and I grew up envying people with straight , lustrous , shiny hair.. I use to hate my hair throughout school as there wasn't much I could do to style them..
But with time I have come to peace with my self.. and have learnt it the hard way.. after few rebondings , straight therapies and coloring later .. I realized what damage I have done to my hair.. and how I miss my curly hair badly..coz my face is round and straight hair made it look HUGE ..
Last year I came Delhi, to surprise my Family for Holi .. while the new hair roots were growing , I still had straight hair and blonde streaks..

my hair last year just before holi.. Blonde streaks and damaged ends.. 
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And after a deadly HOLI ( that includes lot of grease , and chemical colors and little gulaal.. ) I was in tears.. coz my HAIR TURNED PINK .. :'( even after applying Olive Oil .. So, my advice would be .. stay away from those bad chemical colors and sprays.. specially if you have chemically treated can cause hair loss and hair damage.. 

My hair rite after holi..blonde streaks now pink :(
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So.. I had to color them black .. no matter how hard you try Holi  affects your hair and damage them bad.. you can follow the following hair care routine post Holi to make sure that the damage is taken care of -->

After holi, the hair should be washed with care to prevent any ill-effects of the colours.
Massage your hair in a proper manner with olive or castor oil to improve the blood circulation near the hair cuticles.
In addition, make a hair pack by soaking few drops of fenugreek seeds in the curd. Apply this pack thoroughly on your hair, leave it to dry for 30mins and then wash off with a mild shampoo. You can apply egg yolk also to bring that shine and lustre back to your hair..
And generally I follow  this Hair Care Routine..