The Christmas Rose

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Christmas Rose or Helleborous Niger is an English plant that blooms in the winter in the mountains of Central Europe. It produces flowers from late fall to early spring. By tradition, the Christmas Rose should be planted by the door in order that it might welcome Jesus Christ into the home.

Isn't it wonderful to know there is a flower that blooms in the dead of winter!

Plant Care

The Legend of the Christmas Rose speaks of a young girl named Madelon who wanted to come worship the Christ Child. Seeing the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by others who were drawn to the humble birthplace, she despaired that she had no gift to bring, for Madelon was poor indeed.


In vain she searched the countryside for a flower that she might bring, but the winter had been cold and harsh – and there were no Christmas flowers to be found. Saddened, the girl began to weep. An angel passing over her stopped to provide comfort and smote the ground that was wet from her tears. There did spring a beautiful bush that bloomed of white roses.


"Nor myrrh, nor frankincense, nor gold," said the angel, "is an offering more fit for the Christ Child than these pure Christmas Roses." And thus young Madelon went her way and worshipped the Prince of Peace, bearing the gift of her heart and tears.

Image above from White Flower Farm